How to use less paper in our work and chores at home


Author: Manuela Popova


After clearing the floor, the countertops and the table, after washing the windows and the pots, it’s time for me to clean up and organize the contents of all my cabinets and drawers. This is rarely a pleasant task. Unless you are one of those mythical creatures for whom cleaning the home is almost equivalent to going on a vacation.

I don’t know what your deal is, but there are always a dozen old notebooks, flyers, notes and about a million ticket coming out of my cupboards on a daily basis… I’m almost convinced that at one point I even found my birth certificate in that pile.

Although I’m a big fan of the paper and sentimental market listings three years ago, I admit that all of this paper at home often annoys me. It was time to turn my home into a paperless area.


A home with no paper?


Of course, it would be too extreme to throw out the rolls of toilet paper and organizer, but it was time to get rid of the mess at home and think about other solutions. It’s not true of how much administrative paper we think we need over the years. And how little of it we are actually looking at again. I do not expect the change to be easy, but the thought of recovery, organization and time is a strong motivator. Still, some form of digitization would be great in case of an accident at home like fire, flood or theft. I know that this change is not for everyone, but even if you do not, at least you can get some inspiration. And start something new that suits your needs.


Chubby, but useful

He may be chubby, but he sure is useful




Everything starts with patience and perseverance to digitize everything in a home first you will have to be able to pass all the old important documents through a scanner. There are many possibilities here. From mobile and lightweight scanners such as the Fujitsu S1300i to those for office needs like the iX500, I suggest you make this small investment that will pay you back many times. If you do not want to buy electronics – any copy center can do that for you.




A great way to digitize documentation is Scannable (IOS) and Scanbot (Android) mobile applications that can help you quickly and easily even when you’re out and want to scan a document or a business card for example.

If you do not want to opt out of your physical organizer, a great product is Leuchtturm 1917 “Whitelines Link”, which for a second turns the organizer’s pages into a digital copy and uploads them to a directory or application you choose.


All your daily tasks at one place

Gather all your daily tasks at one place




When talking about a home without paper, we can not help but mention alternative ways of writing, making sheets, taking notes and everything else. When we get rid of the paper at home and the phone is loaded into the bedroom, how convenient to write your thoughts on the wall next to you. From the shopping list, through important events, to the morning notes to your loved one, the Escreo surface allows for trouble-free writing and deleting everything you choose to save. It does not take up excessive space, it can not be lost and it is always in a prominent place, and when you decide that the writing you no longer need with one movement has already been deleted.




Google Drive – a Google Storage and File Sync service developed by Google. You get 5GB of space for your documents, lists, important contacts, and all that no longer takes a seat at home.

Dropbox – the so-called “Cloud” services have gained popularity in recent years. They are a very convenient way to compose not only documents, but also family albums, videos and more. And sharing is quick and easy.

Evernote – the world’s most downloaded document organization application. In addition, it can quickly and easily scan every document, but it also offers full synchronization between a phone, a computer, a tablet, a working laptop and all your devices.


We all know why your folder has a password

We all know why your Important Work Stuff folder has a password




Once everything is digitized and tidy, do not forget to protect yourself. Use -2 step verification, strong passwords, and watch who you share with.

After all, everything can not and must be fully digitized. Things like the child’s drawing from the kindergarten, the ticket for your favorite concert, or the first salary fiche are things you can always secretly afford to inhabit the space around you and remind you how many stories and memories can be contained in piece of paper.

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Not to mention that the use of too much paper is not at all environmentally friendly. Here are 6 more ways for you to make your work process even greener.

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