The team about Escreo: Manuela, Digital Marketing Specialist

Manuela Popova Escreo


It is true that the great things in the business are never made by just one person, but by a great team. The Escreo team is a typical example of how once you have the right people, you will create the right product. We made the “The team about Escreo” series to show you the real people behind the Escreo brand and product. We believe that we have great professionals behind the paint, boxes, trays, application tools, blog articles, and everything that our customers and partners see in our communication. So, we have decided to ask them a few quick questions.

This week we present to you our “digital alchemist” – Manuela. She is the person responsible for our social presence on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, and any other network where people love to waste their time.

What is the thing you most like about Escreo?

I like to see how everyone uses the Escreo walls in a different way. The longer I know the product, the more variations I see. Also, its application – from flower pots and small office equipment to huge projects of hundreds of square meters. I would say that I like the flexibility and adaptability the most.

What is it like to work in an office with whole walls for writing?

The other day I made a SCRUM table spreading over 3 sq. m. on the wall behind me. Just for my daily tasks. Awesome, right?

In what way did you use Escreo last?

I was working on the table in question and drew exclamation points in front of the tasks I have to do by the end of the week. Helps me prioritize the things I have to do before my summer vacation.

How does Escreo improve your work process?

As much as I want to be one of those “art” people who make great detailed drawings that help them work, I rather record my tasks in the standard way. Also, the wall helps me explain my thoughts to others because my ideas are often quite … let’s call them – abstract. Also, the walls are means of entertainment in the office, we play hangman, tic-tac-toe, we make bets and we record funny quotes. It’s definitely not boring in here.

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