The team about Escreo: Viktoria, Sales & Client Relations Manager


It is true that the great things in the business are never made by just one person, but by a great team. The Escreo team is a typical example of how once you have the right people, you will create the right product. We made the “The team about Escreo” series to show you the real people behind the Escreo brand and product. We believe that we have great professionals behind the paint, boxes, trays, application tools, blog articles, and everything that our customers and partners see in our communication. So, we have decided to ask them a few quick questions.

Today we start with Victoria, responsible for our business development and customer relations. We asked her about her work and Escreo, her passions and favourite things about the product.

What is the thing you most like in Escreo?

Firstly, I am very (VERY) expressive and for me, Escreo is a way to express myself. I paint, doodle, motivate myself and manage to organise my tasks and chaotic thoughts. Once on the wall – every task becomes a goal – not only in my work, but also in my personal planning.

What is it like to work in an office with whole walls for writing?

As a freedom-loving individual, Escreo helps me think more out of the box – I’m not limited by the processes. Office with Escreo walls does not limit you, as the regular ones do – on the contrary, our walls give you freedom – no borders, no restrictions.

How you used Escreo last?

To draw a palm tree because I need summer.

How does Escreo improve your work process?

Escreo has created a whole new process for me. I’ve always used all the digital tools, notebooks, and flipcharts. Now with Escreo I am free to leave my thoughts anywhere.

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