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MentorMate and ESCREO: the creative approach towards innovation

  Introduction Do you recall the times when we piled up information on paper and put it in boxes; when communication was slow and learning new skills was much further than a click away? Those were times when technology belonged […]

Start-up life: logistics & operations, or the circle of life

  The word “start-up” is being used in our speech more and more over the recent years. This trend makes us happy and we love to see people venturing into the world of business. We, here at ESCREOalways support the […]

Escreo x PDS Bulgaria: Innovative office space with a twist

  Without a doubt, our project in PDS Bulgaria has become one of our most favorite in the recent months. Soon after the finishing touches, we meet with Christian Panov, an HR manager. Chris worked actively with our team and […]

Clear Whiteboard Paint
Keep the original colour of your wall and turn any flat surface into a writing canvas with ESCREO Transparent Whiteboard paint.