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trixir escreo

Trixir x Escreo: gamification, cyber-security and effective meetings

  Currently, Trixir’s team consists of almost 30 hard working employees, including a dozen programmers, three designers, two screenwriters, an artist, four wall plants and two coffee machines. They all contribute to one goal – creating a quality and intriguing […]

The art of minimalism in design, interior and architecture

  We have already learned how minimalism can help us lead a more relaxed and simplified life. But before we invited it in our everyday life, it made its first steps in the world of art. From there, his transition to design, […]

Tip from the expert… with Martina Radeva from IRchitect

  Welcome to our new section “Tip from the expert”, where we will meet you with inspiring people in the field of architecture and interior design. Our first guest is Martina Radeva from studio IRchitect. The conversation with her went came […]

Use Magnetic Whiteboard Paint in any colour to attach notes with magnets and write on the whiteboard surface.