Escreo becomes part of How To Web 2016

The European startup exhibition starts on 1st of November!


In early November Escreo will proceed in the ranks of this year’s edition of How To Web in Bucharest, Romania. There we will receive the opportunity to meet some of the most progressive European startups to date. Moreover, we ourselves, in partnership with Telecom Romania, will include our own sample in the launge room. It is a special structure which will allow the guests to experience the characteristics of our product personally. This will be another step forward in our efforts to present Escreo on the Romanian market.


For yet another year How To Web will provide a platform for the leading startups in the field of industry, cybersecurity, games and entertainment. This year the speaker’s role on the podium will be taken by Vassil Terziev form Progress, Mike Rayner from Amazon Web Services and Christoph Auer-Welby from IBM. And if even that is not enough to earn your interest, let us just mention some of the other guests – AVO, Engager, Fliiby, Lampix, Questo and Wise Stories.


This year Escreo decided to turn its look towards our northern neighbor in order to conquer new markets. We are actively seeking partnerships to help us achieve our goals and some of them are already a fact. We recently left our mark on Training Center Qualians‘ walls so no good ideas should be lost during the creative process.


How To Web starts on 1st of November and ends on 2nd.


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