Escreo joined Rails Girls Sofia 2016


Who says programming is only reserved for the privileged?


For the seventh consecutive time Sofia hosted the Bulgarian edition of the popular ladies’ workshop Rails Girls. The free two-day event took place in the period October 28-29. It helped all participants to make their very first steps in programming. We’re glad to inform you that Escreo ranked among the sponsors of the event, alongside companies such as Microsoft, Progress and SiteGround.

During the workshop the participants had at their disposal a wide selection of activities to engage in. From training a robot, past entering the recesses of HTML and CSS, to creating their own website. Plus the possibility to program and develop their very own web application. Gabriela Luhova, Dimitar Smilianov and Nadejda Danabasheva took the speakers’role on the stage. And there were three lucky guests and instructors who won Escreo packages with two square meters of paint. Finally, all of this was topped with the obligatory after-party at which the participants relaxed and got to know each other.

The main goal of Rails Girls is to show that programming is an exciting and useful skill that is not reserved only for men. The existing imbalance between men and women in the technology field creates a barrier. Because of it, many women find it hard to work up the guts and try to get acquainted with it. Therefore, the organizers of Rails Girls are trying to address the problem by allowing only women to participate in the event. And striving to create a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for all beginners.


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