Mini-Escreo – a few final words for the simple things


Summer is best when made out of great things (no, not in that way). When vacations are great, when the beaches are great and when the umbrella cast a great enough shadow so that we don’t have to move out towels every half an hour. This, of course, does not stop us from enjoying some small pleasures. Like finding a beautiful seashell in the water. Or watching the sun rise by the sea.

The simple things are the ones which fill those gaps the big ones leave behind. Over the past two months, Escreo’s team has familiarized you with the history and philosophy of minimalism. She taught us how little can mean more and rediscover the beauty of the simple, simple things in life.

He taught us how to surrender from the excess in our lives to give way to the really important and meaningful. How to transfer this principle into our homes and possessions to better understand our needs. He taught us what a great role played (and still plays) the minimalism in the development of art, design and architecture. How basically he is educating not austerity but focusing and focusing wherever it is most needed and useful.

Now is the turn to change the direction. Let’s learn a new lesson, get new challenges, even if we get new failures. And why not? Let us always strive to look for the two percentages – the little benefit that lies even in the big mistake. Only then will the direction always go forward.


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