Mini-Escreo – let’s enjoy the simple things together


They say the devil is in the detail. In order not to fall into its trap, we decided to get rid of it. Or at least of some big part of it. And to rediscover the beauty of plain, simple things in life.

Mini-Escreo is a campaign which incidentally started just in time for spring cleaning. In our case it takes the form of a new philosophy and design that we’ll shortly introduce you to in more detail. We went for clean lines, simple colors and strong contrast to highlight what matters most.

All that’s left is to create a beginning. A story to put our new minimalist approach into. As well as choose its name. Then we asked ourselves: would’t it be a little … ironic? To put so much into something that should symbolize so little? Which is why our history is short. And simple. Like the campaign itself. We hope that it would allow us to rediscover the little things and the joy they bring.




What gives life meaning is enjoying it.


Even the simplest of things.


Morning sip of coffee. Having a laugh.

Catching the last light of the sunset.

Having someone to say “I love you” to.

Reading a book… or drawing a painting.


Sharing an idea.


Something just as simple can change your world.

If only for a bit.

So be like us.


Enjoy #TheSimpleThings

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