Meet the Winner in ESCREO’s Initiative “Bulgaria’s Young and Successful Women”


Bulgaria’s Young and Successful Women” is an initiative we wanted to start way before the nowadays growing popularity of the strong female figure. Being united by our need to do good for Earth and its people, we often found ourselves in the epicentre of important causes and volunteer events, often lead by women.

Women who selflessly do their heartly duty towards humanity without being influenced by expensive PR campaigns or even without needing acknowledgement. Seeing the world change before their eyes are their only driving force. In these times of transformation, more and more people feel awaken. There is a new energy flowing within is. A warm and caring sense of selfless love, much like the one a mother has for her child. Invigorated by this pure and affectionate female energy, we decided to start our campaign and the eight of March, known as the international women’s day, felt like the perfect time for that.  “Bulgaria’s Young and Successful Women” helped us to meet many inspiring women and activists who were nominated by our friends and partners in our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Blazhka Dimitrova is one of those women. She was the undeniable winner in our campaign and the many comments and social signals she got are evidence for that.

We were enchanted by her passion and her devotion to the community and its many causes. Her story is remarkable. While being a teacher in the “Teach For Bulgaria” program she develops the “Innovation In Action” academy together with Solvay Sodi. She then creates her most intriguing initiative called “Blagichka – Kitchen With a Cause”. The kitchen works with young people with disabilities. It also works towards producing minimizing its waste production with the “Zero Waste Bulgaria” initiative. This is just a brief overview of the many causes Blajka has devoted herself to.

Blazhka is a wonderful person and we’re thankful to have had the opportunity to meet her and work with her in the future. We said that our winner will get a ton of ESCREO whiteboard paint and we kept our promise. We painted a couple of walls in Blazhka’s kitchen and we were happy to see it come to use immediately. Some great things happened but the even more amazing ones are just about to begin. We’re eager to continue our work with Blazhka and help her many causes.

We’re grateful for each and every one of you who joined our campaign and made a nomination. We hope the names cited in our initiative will reach even more people. Meanwhile, we encourage you to follow Blazhka Dimitrova’s social media profile as well as all other nominees.

Stay tuned for more inspiring news on our Facebook page.

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