Manuela Popova joined the Escreo team


It’s been a month since we had a new member in Escreo’s office. We are proud to present to you Manuela Popova, the first of her name, the Little Likebringer, Spinner on Social Networks, the Analyst, Lady of Geckos. Our digital alchemist. Which is a fancy way to say that Mani is responsible for our overall presence on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram and any other network people like to waste their time on. It’s up to her to lead us through the darkness of the Internet with the help of the almighty Analysis, Planning, and Advertising. So that, following her footsteps, the colors of Escreo could reach even more people.

In her spare time Mani cares for her two faithful companions in life – Bing the French bulldog and the Norbert the gecko. The rest of the team is still uncertain about their existence, as Mani refuses to bring them to the office so that we can enjoy their presence as well. In her home you can find Star Wars cups, boxes full of crickets (for the gecko, of course) and more black clothes than in an average monastery.

She enjoys long walks on the beach, preferably at night or in the shade. Her sense of humor is black so as to compliment her hair and wardrobe. She writes on the walls boldly and without any restraint.

Here’s what else you need to know about the person behind our (almost) entire presence online:


1. How do they called me? Mani.

2. When there is an office crisis, my colleagues put me on trial for: (mutters without a clue of  how to answer)

3. As a child I was … quiet and not very sociable.

4. I don’t leave my home without: a telephone and headphones

5. What do I do if it’s raining outside? Being glad.

6. If I was a color, I would be: basically black, but sometimes purple

7. Do you sing in the shower? No (mutters).

8. Sea or mountain? A high mountain. Like, really high.

9. In 10 years I will be … not a grown up yet.

10. What are the words that I would share on the wall? I’d rather draw something profane.

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