Tricks or treats with Escreo this Halloween!

Join our game and win!


Something wicked this way comes … But something festive as well. Pumpkins are already peeking out from behind the windows with their sinister smiles, costumes roam the shops and the night becomes longer by the day. In other words, Halloween is almost here. And if there is something that this holiday has taught us it is that where some do tricks, others find treats. Or prizes.

It is about time for Escreo to join the festive spirit. Participate in our new game and share with us a photo of your holiday decorated walls or just draw us a pumpkin. With a lottery three of you will earn 3 sq. m. of paint in a festive color, accompanied by a surprise gift. The deadline is, of course, midnight on October 31. The winners will receive their prize from our office or by courier to the exact address (the payee). The publication of the game can be found on our Facebook Page. It was there and expect to find your photos. They will frighten us or laugh? That depends entirely on you.


Escreo wishes you a happy and scary Halloween!

Be sure to learn more about the Escreo stickers which you can also decorate your office and home with.

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