Transformer Paint Tray: an Eco-Innovation from the Future

“How do you explain something no one has ever seen or heard of? This was the biggest challenge,
to explain what this is, why I want it, and why it will be useful to have it. ”
Iskren Mitev, co-founder and main innovation engine in ESCREO

Have you ever heard of a solar panel swimsuit which can help you charge your phone? How about a night club that generates energy from the steps of the dancers in it? Not to mention that in the US there is multiple use toilet paper. This, of course, is a bit too much.

However, all of these examples prove only one thing. Being eco is not just fashion. This is a necessity. This is a matter of awareness. This is a matter of logical choice. That’s why it is not a surprise that a brand like Shell, which in fact depends on fuel production and consumption, organizes eco-races for cars with minimal consumption. Because it is logical to be eco.

How about Paint Manufacturers?

Nowadays every company with modern and progressive philosophy strives to be environmentally friendly and to reduce its carbon footprint. In this area, for example, many companies produce environmentally friendly paints. Ecological painting brushes are also part of some companies’ portfolios. The biggest paint producer in Bulgaria is also a good example, by certifying that its products contain less than 1 gram of volatile organic compounds per liter (which is 30 times less than the market norm). But there is one more detail that many underestimate.

escreo paper paint tray

Paint Trays

Yes, it is paint trays that are also one of the main polluting factors. For this reason, some manufacturers have created eco trays made of second-hand plastic. And that’s a good start. But it’s just a start…

What Did We Do?

We took a step further. We looked for the most effective solution that would be innovative and inspiring – just like ESCREO itself. After going through a series of experiments and ideas, we decided to create a new type of tray, made of completely new material. This is how our transformer paint tray was born – made of paper, 100% biodegradable, eco-friendly and super stylish.

Transformer Paint Tray – What is This?

What could that possibly mean? This means that when you order the ESCREO whiteboard paint you get a completely do-it-yourself package – paint, brush, paint roller, paper-based tape and protecting film, but the most important thing is the box which can be assembled and transformed into a fully applicable paint tray. See how easy you can create your paint tray in this tutorial video.

The Lessons and Challenges

Speaking of this innovative concept, Iskren admitted that he had drawn inspiration from the Russian matryoshka dolls. And not that the result is not important, but the priceless lessons on the way to achieving it are more significant. Remember, there is nothing easy – it takes (much) more time than you think. Do not give up, find the crazy people who will help you come up with incredible ideas and if you hear: “There are things that do not exist… because you just don’t need them” – think again and act.

We are just starting with our big eco-friendly news, so stay tuned for the great innovative things coming!

Stay tuned for more ESCREO eco activities. Meanwhile you can take a look at how we rebranded Escreo

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