Gifts from the hand or 7 holiday suggestions


It will be a lie to say that we never bought Christmas gifts at the last possible minute. Whether it was because we had no time, because we had forgotten or because we’ve seen our cousin just three times tops and have absolutely no idea what he likes. The hardest part of choosing a gift is to find something that is useful, interesting, beautiful and somehow personal at the same time. Fortunately, handmade goodies combine all these qualities and enjoy ever-burgeoning popularity. Today we present our pick of 7 handmade gifts to surprise your family and friends with.


1. Homemade treats


We start with something easy that each of you is able to prepare by himself at home. Christmas and New Year’s meal is one thing, but nobody’s stopping us form starting with the feasts a little bit earlier. Homemade treats are wonderful gifts that show your loved ones that you put real effort into making them happy. They don’t even have to be complex to cause astonishment. Pick a few recipes, possibly including traditional Christmas flavors like cinnamon, mandarin and ginger. Purchase the necessary products, roll up your sleeves and let the magic happen. Let the love you prepare them with be felt in every bite. As we already know – when it’s not cooked with love, food is just not the same.


Get up our appetite

We surely got our appetite up


2. Quilt


Hand-crocheted blankets instantly take our minds to grandma’s dishes and cozy winter evenings by the fireplace. Unlike our first proposal, we’re pretty sure that most of you will find it difficult to make such a gift themselves. Not to worry. All you have to do is search in Google for a number of talented tailors, knitters and weavers who meet even unique orders with joy. Such a gift is not only suitable for the season, but combines beauty and usefulness. Surely listed among the things that we would like to find under the tree.


3. Wooden bow tie


Undoubtedly one of the biggest hits in today’s hipster fashion. Even if you have not heard of companies like “DarvART” or Eggo, you’ve certainly come across their products on stands at handmade festivals or peeking from someone’s neck. We are not ashamed to admit that we find their products to be quite stylish and original. Even if you’re not used to wearing such accessories, the wooden bow tie has something in it that makes you want to try it at least once. After that you’re pretty much sold.


4. Christmas tree toys


In most places the festive decoration are already put, but that does not mean we can’t add some improvements. Handmade toys for the Christmas tree are not only popular but also very personal gifts. Even if you don’t make them with your own hands, most of them offer the option to add a message or a wish to them. A sure way to become part of someone’s celebrations, if for some reason you are unable to visit them personally.


Beauty in small things

Beauty lies in small things



5. Memory box


Nothing stays with us longer than memories. It is therefore important to ensure that they will be diligently maintained. All you need is a wooden box, small vials, colorful paper sheets and some thin ribbon. Paint and/or varnish the box and if you feel particularly skillful, try incasing it. Now take the paper, cut it in small rectangles and begin to fill them with memories. It does not matter whether you write or draw them. Roll them up and place them in the vials. Add some ribbon and – if you want – a tag with the date from which the memory is. Now whenever your loved one feels depressed, lonely or just wants to remember the good old days, he can just dig in the box and cover himself with the warmth of memories. Make sure to leave some of the vials and paper empty – some memories are yet to happen.


6. Notebook


The year will soon be just a memory, and the new one can’t wait to take her place. For centuries we perceive the first of January as a starting point for a fresh start in some aspect of our lives. And every new beginning deserves a new assistant. Hand-painted (and why not sewed?) notebooks would fit perfectly in this role. They can use it to write down their plans, goals and dreams for the coming year. What they want to achieve and what they want to happen. What they wish for and what they want to remember. You can take it even a step forward – write a short wish on each page that will bring a smile in the reader’s eyes. But the cover is where your imagination can display its full talent. Acrylic or tempera paints, textile applique, leather, buttons, fir branches, gears … The possibilities may not be endless, but we can’t promise you that.


Stupid people remember, smart people write down.

As the saying goes: “Stupid people remember, smart people write down.



7. Jewelry


Perhaps the most diverse handmade item you may encounter. The methods of making it almost rival the models which can be found in all the small cozy shops around the city. And don’t get us started on the colors. The good thing about handmade jewelry is that it can fully reflect on the character of its owner, no matter how outlandish and crazy he is. He likes dragonflies? No problem. Has an affinity for molecules and atoms? There they are. Has an inexplicable attraction to small plates and tea cakes replicas? They have them. The creators of handmade jewelry are so creative that it would be difficult to catalog all that has come out from under their hands.


And something more…


Of course, our magic paint is always a great option when you want to make an original and memorable gift. Christmas and New Year are a time for wishes and dreams and with Escreo they will never be more than one wall away. Let your loved ones to be creative and productive without any limitations. Whether they want to record their favorite recipes, leave a quick note to someone or just draw for a while to release the tension, one thing is certain – our mission is and always will be to provide them with the tools to do just that. To be synonymous with freedom and inspiration and to stay with them long after they take off the Christmas decorations.


Why not Escreo

An original gift? Why not Escreo?




And before you ask – yes, handmade gifts are a great choice for your colleague whom you had fallen to gift something to at the next team building.

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