Thanks to #EscreoLesson Students Can Write on the Walls


There are so many things we wish we have done differently. So many things we wish he wave done better. So many missed opportunities to create something meaningful or live a moment worth a thousand years. Sooner or later, each and every one of us faces failure and experiences regret. But little did we know that after each failed attempt there is an important lesson waiting to be learned. Our #EscreoLesson campaign is dedicated to collecting these lessons. Back in September 2018, we started an initiative and invited all our partners and clients to share on their ESCREO walls the most important lessons they learned while growing up. We promised to donate 1 sq. m. of ESCREO whiteboard paint to one local school for each lesson shared. Today, we’re happy to show you the results of our mutual work and shared experiences.

At the beginning of April 2019, the students of a local primary school received an exciting gift. Primary school “Christo Smirnenski” located in the town of Byala Slatina, Bulgaria was the school we decided to donate a special whiteboard wall painted with ESCREO paint. The dry-erase wall was quickly turned into a manifestation of all the children’s dreams of a better school base. The kids painted the ESCREO wall with beautiful drawings and heartwarming wishes. The wall swiftly turned into their favourite place in the school. A place where they could easily share their thoughts and dreams, learn and create together without limitations. The principal of the school, Evgeni Angelov, expressed his gratitude and shared: “ This whiteboard wall gives the children opportunity to write and draw during breaks, but most importantly it allowed them to express their feelings at school with ease through words and drawings.”

We are very thankful to our partners and clients, who took part in the campaign. Together with us, they left a trace in the hearts of these children. The companies which were part of #EscreoLesson are some of Bulgaria’s most successful businesses. They openly back local organizations. This initiative wouldn’t have been the same without the support of the America for Bulgaria Foundation. We also send out special thanks to ITCE, TimeHeroes, Accedia, Flat Rock Technology Bulgaria, and logopedic cabinet “Arpi” who shared some really valuable lessons on their ESCREO whiteboard walls and took part in the campaign. This is merely the beginning of a long-lasting initiative that promises to bring local children as a better and healthier environment for study in school. Just about a month ago, we had the pleasure of meeting the wonderful young people in the Burgas centre for specialized education “Otets Paisiy”, who were already actively using their ESCREO wall for educational and creative purposes.

We believe that the number of good deeds is not a measure of success. True success hides in the happiness written on these children’s faces. And most importantly, success hides in knowing that these young people are surrounded by teachers and mentors who truly care about their future and give their best each and every day to bring them to a higher level of education and self-accomplishment. We’re thankful for the deepest parts of our hearts for being able to have a glimpse at their wonderful, rainbow-coloured world and leave our tiny trace in their hearts. #EscreoLesson continues, including more schools into the initiative. Stay tuned for more info on the campaign on our Facebook page. Meanwhile, you can support the cause by sharing it online with your friends, family, and coworkers. Let’s all support the young people of Bulgaria and bring them more space for self-expression and growth.

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