Let the walls talk with Escreo stickers

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Surely you’ve encountered the phrase “like talking to a wall.” Or worse – have used it. Most often to address a stubborn colleague, naughty child or a sitting behind an office counter, strongly determined to season his day by testing your patience. Well, we at Escreo like to approach things from a different angle. Therefore, our mission is to make sure that the walls can talk back to you. And to ensure that they will never insult or ignore you.

escreo stickers

Let the walls talk with Escreo stickers


We take the next step towards this mission with our very special wall stickers. Each of them is made of PVC film measuring 30×30 cm. At the moment we have at your disposal ten playful design (14,90 leva VAT). However, if they have somehow failed to inspire you, do not lose heart – we will gladly make your very own original sticker (24.90 leva without VAT). Simply send us your design, and we will take care of the rest.

Escreo also believes in colors and the freedom they bring. So we’ve made sure that the sticker you choose is available in 36 different colors. Consider the design of your room and choose the best combination to refresh it with.

No matter whether you need motivation or a smile. Or just a little bit of beauty to lighten up your room or office. We are here to help.

Detailed instructions for placing the stickers can be found in this video.


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