Escreo and 7 Ways to Say “I Love You” to Your Coworkers


A very special day is approaching and it’s time to show your love to the people who you share your struggles, victories and support with. Your coworkers.

1. Give a Hand

No matter if you help your bestie coworker with their administrative stuff or just get them a lunch they don’t have time for – you’ll be saving their day.

Escreo wall

2. Show You Care

You miss the crazy contagious laugh of Maria from marketing? Leave her a sweet note for when she’s back in the office.

Escreo Welcome Back

3. Draw Happiness

Surprise your coworker and sketch his/her dream vacation on their desk surface. Our dry erase paint makes it possible!

Escreo Vacation

4.  Stick Pictures to the Wall

With Escreo Magnito, you can attach photos and memories on your wall – no drilling needed. This saves the day for those who are not very convinced in the permanent good relationships in the office ?

Escreo BFFs

5. Show Gratitude

Your coworker helped you a bunch? Show you appreciate that!

Escreo Thank You

6. Just Stay Creative

When the conventional ‘thank you’ is not enough…

Escreo Poem

7. Share Your Love

Sharing is caring. Don’t skip sharing everything on the social networks to show people that roses are not the best.

Escreo Share

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