7 ways to build a greener business

Become part of a greener business

  Judging by the temperatures and the stunning sunshine, even spring can’t wait for summer to come. We have already begun planning our first vacation, and holiday requests stand ready in the desk drawer. But it’s hard to imagine that sea aroma when the street near your office is drowning in smog, dust, and exhaust. […]

18 steps to running a more efficient team meeting

Running an efficient team meeting

  Let’s face it – no one is really fond of team meetings. Worst case scenario, you get barked at, while at best you get to spend 2 hours trying to stay focused on the sixth time in a row you spend discussing the new brochures. It is possible, however, to avoid them both. Here’s […]

Tip from the expert… with Martina Radeva from IRchitect

Martina Radeva from IRchitect

  Welcome to our new section “Tip from the expert”, where we will meet you with inspiring people in the field of architecture and interior design. Our first guest is Martina Radeva from studio IRchitect. The conversation with her went came out twice as long as it should’ve been and although editing the interview was utterly […]