7 destinations to visit for their architecture

Some destinations are worth seeing

  The moment is finally here. Summer is here and it’s time to clean those suitcases from all the dust. The world provides many temptations to quench your thirst for adventure and beauty with. Today we will recommend seven destinations that will surely win you over with stunning architecture and urban planning. Plan a longer […]

7 ways to build a greener business

Become part of a greener business

  Judging by the temperatures and the stunning sunshine, even spring can’t wait for summer to come. We have already begun planning our first vacation, and holiday requests stand ready in the desk drawer. But it’s hard to imagine that sea aroma when the street near your office is drowning in smog, dust, and exhaust. […]

Minimalism or how life can give us more for less

Minimalism in life

  The beauty of every paradox is achieving it. Take the title as an example – less equals more. If we abstain from philosophical trends, this principle describes the direction we have chosen to develop the world in in recent decades. Don’t believe me? Reach into your pocket. It contains a device that combines camera, […]