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The many colours of whiteboards

Over time, the old dusty chalkboards turned into shiny white whiteboards, and they now made way for the interactive walls. Which we painted, coloured, magnetized and turned into space for writing and expression. We do not hide the fact, that […]

7 urban Instagram accounts you should follow

  Here at Escreo we are inspired by everything around us. Also, architecture and design have a special place in our hearts when it comes to inspiration. Especially for you we curated 7 creative Instagram accounts, that will inspire YOU […]

Primer – a base for any surface

  Escreo is a paint that can turn (almost) every smooth surface into a whiteboard that can be used for writing and collaboration. A little known fact is that besides the walls we can transform office desks and other office […]

Permanent markers – removal and prevention

  The phone at Escreo’s office rings. With a quick glance, we’re checking out who seems least busy to pick up, but while this happens, our colleague from the sales department has already picked up the phone and saying, “Escreo […]

8 things creative people do

  Guest author: Daniel Troev – psychologist, creativity coach In creativity sessions, besides various techniques to unlock creativity and to stimulate creative thinking at work we, psychologists also look at the lifestyle of the creative personalities. So that we could […]

3 movies that can benefit from having Escreo (part II)

  Here we go again, friends, rewriting great Hollywood movies and using our creativity to make them a bit more magical. We’d like to present to you 3 movies that would’ve looked different if they had used Escreo. This is […]