Escreo in the day of an CEO

A CEO’s day with Escreo

  Author: Yasen Rusev   I get up at 7 a.m. in the morning and jump right in the shower. After that me and Didi (my wife) prepare our daughter Emmy for her nursery. Then I go through a 15-minute […]

How can Escreo be useful to a partnership manager?

A partnership manager’s day with Escreo

  Author: Diana Teofilova   Being responsible for managing relationships with current and potential company partners guarantees you a lot of interesting and dynamic days for you to meet lots of creative and responsible people. In my case we’re talking […]

How to get rid of the useless paper at home?

How to use less paper in our work and chores at home

  Author: Manuela Popova   After clearing the floor, the countertops and the table, after washing the windows and the pots, it’s time for me to clean up and organize the contents of all my cabinets and drawers. This is […]